Why Study Russian at IMSA?

Russian is one of six languages offered at IMSA, so why should you choose to study Russian? Here are a few reasons:

Students Speak Out

Madison Rogers, Class of 2012

I cannot even begin to describe what studying Russian at IMSA did for me. Not only did I gain the opportunity to learn a language in high school that hardly any school offers, but I was able to immerse myself within the language and culture. Since we were not allowed to speak any English after first semester, you had to stay caught up on the grammar and vocabulary taught in class in order to participate in conversation. But the best part was that you were able to talk to your classmates out of class as well because you were eager to learn and improve your Russian speaking ability. Furthermore, I was able to study abroad in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, the summer before my senior year through a scholarship called NSLI-Y. It changed my outlook on my world. I am so grateful for the opportunities that learning Russian gave me and I will always remember that it began at IMSA.

Madison Rogers, Class of 2012

Michael Kobiela, Class of 2011

The IMSA Russian program has given me an opportunity that I wouldn't have had at any other high school. As a native Polish speaker, I jumped on the chance to learn a second Slavic language. I'm glad I did! The Russian program here is one of the most successful in the country, and it shows. Within the first few months, my friends and I were already conversing in Russian regularly outside of class. The Russian program pushes us to give our best and do more than we thought possible in a language program. I am a proud student of Russian.

Michael Kobiela, Class of 2011

Shravanthy Gumidyala

When I was placed in Russian, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but now I don’t regret it at all. Russian is incredible. In such a short amount of time, we learned so much! However, the amount of work we get is very small, compared to workloads in other classes and is never more than we can handle. I quickly got into the language, and saying Russian words such as «Да» and «Хорошо» became a part of my normal everyday conversations. In class we sometimes sing Russian songs, create plays and videos, and are able to get involved and work with our classmates during class. This makes understanding and learning class material so much easier and less tedious. Russian was the one class I could always look forward to and I would recommend this language to anyone applying to IMSA.

-Shravanthy Gumidyala, Class of 2010

Brian Flynn, Class of 2009

When I came to IMSA, I never intended to study Russian. In fact, Russian was not even one of my top three choices for languages. However, after only a couple weeks, if not days, I was hooked. Russian is down-right amazing! We’ve learned things like verb conjugations, family members, foods, sports, instruments, adjective and noun agreement, and I could go on! I never thought I’d learn so much in a first-year language class. Talking about food was especially great, because after a couple days I was able to identify and describe most of the foods I eat daily! It is by far my favorite class this year, and I’m extremely excited to be able to study it in the future.

-Brian Flynn, Class of 2009

Emily Zhao

Russian is amazing. When I first saw it on my course schedule, I was skeptical at best. However, after a few classes I was hooked. The pace is perfect, there is never more work than we can handle and always enough to keep us interested. Once you learn Russian, you see it everywhere. I saw it on a candy wrapper. It read "chocolate" ... in Russian. How cool is that?

 -Emily Zhao, Class of 2008

Ari Blumenthal, Class of 2007

After one week, our class learned the entire Cyrillic alphabet. After a few months, we could hold basic conversations. After one year, we learned of all the different cases in Russian, and after two years our class has become a community of individuals who help and work with each other. From our first project, where we talked about our families, to our Russian banquet, where we prepared fabulous foods, to our soap operas that we just finished, this class has been a great experience, which I am glad to have had.

-Ari Blumenthal, Class of 2007

Jennifer Townsend, Class of 2006

I'm still not sure why I chose to study Russian at IMSA, but I do know why I'm going to study it in college: Russian at IMSA has been an incredible experience. I'm addicted to both the class and the language. I often feel surprised that others can't read Cyrillic, and when I get strange looks from my roommate half the time it's because I've lapsed into Russian. Going to St. Petersburg, Russia with some of my classmates last year was insanely fun. We spent a week surrounded by the language and culture- an experience I can't wait to repeat. Russian is incredible!

-Jen Townsend, Class of 2006