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Welcome to my home page. I'm one of the two German teachers at IMSA. This year I'm teaching German I and German IV - V. I have two sections of German I with a total of fortyseven students and one section of German IV - V with six students. My colleague, Janet Akcakal, teaches the students in German II and German III this year.

I am particularly proud of my students in German II and IV who did exceptionally well on the 1999 AATG National German Examination. Students scoring above the 90th percentile were: Lance Hall - 99%; Rebecca Elsenheimer, Matthew Swenson, Shefali Mathur - 98%; Lindsey Thieman - 97%; Corey Behrens, David Stears, Wen Chen, Jeff Pasqualucci, Jill Starzyk - 96%; Cindy Almond, Brian Mastenbrook - 94%; Yisong Yue, Sherri Haas, Andrea Myers - 93%; Nick Morley, Stephen Paige, Anne Halsall - 91%. The students who schored above the 80th percentile were: Steven Pett, Korena Pacyniak - 89%; Mita Patel, Patrick Delfert, Enjoe Ahn - 87%, Aaron Foss, David Haight, Carl Pickerill, Kevin Price, David Ignacio - 84%; Nathan Miller, John Hamman, James Kinzer, Rebecca Seibert, Kevin White - 82%; Amber Burash, Blaine Eubanks, Richard Berstein - 80%. Congratulation to all of you!!

The 1999 AATG Awards Tea was held at Elmhurst College in Elmhurst, Illinois on Sunday, May 2, 1999. Eight IMSA students were recognized for their outstanding accomplishments in the study of German. Lindsey Thieman was selected as the Outstanding German IV Senior in Northern Illinois and was nominated for the AATG Senior Summer Study Award. Junior Susan Johnson was one of four Northern Illinois students who received a scholarship to attend the German Camp at the Concordia Language Camps in Bemidji, MM. Other students who received medals and book prizes at the ceremony were: Sarah Ashraf, Rebecca Elsenheimer, Matthew Swenson and Shefali Mathur. Congratulations to all of you for your outstanding accomplishments.

Our GAPP partners from Erfurt have come and gone. The Erfurters arrived at O'Hare Intrernational Airport in Chicago on British Airways on March 25, 1999. They were in Illinois from March 25 until April 16. From March 25 until April 5 the 14 German guests spent the  Spring break at the homes of their IMSA hosts. After the students returned to campus on the 5th, they lived in the resident halls and attended classes with their hosts. We visited our partner school, Königin Luise Gymnasium in December and January 1997-98. We hope that our guests had an experience that was as rewarding as the experience IMSA students had.

Aaron Foss and James Kinzer have been accepted as Congress-Bundestag Scholarship winners and will be spending the
1999-2000 school year in Germany. They are waiting to learn exactly where they will be live and go to the Gymnasium. Congratulation to two very fine and deserving students.

Das bin ich mit Bert Brecht vor dem Berliner Ensemble in Berlin
Gedanken als amerikanischer Austauschlehrer in Erfurt, Thüringen - 1996-97

Thoughts and ruminations on the integration of technology in German as a Foreign Language.

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