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Google Books like all electronic sources must be cited in your footnotes. If you view a book that is available in Google Books you must indicate that you read it there. It works just like other book and electronic citations.


Anne C. Wilson , After Five Years in India or Life and Work in a Punjab District (London: Blackie and Son, 1895), 120, education+india#PPA120,M1(accessed June 1, 2009).


Notice the difference between the italics and the plain text in footnotes and bibliographies and how names are listed in each. Also notice the use of commas and periods. There is a difference and the convention here serves a particular purpose.


Below follow seven footnotes listing a book within another book (#3), a book (#4 and 5), the Congressional Record (#6), an on-line textbook (#7), a primary source within a book (#8), an encyclopedia entry (#9 and 10) and a translated e-book (#11).

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11. Nicolo Machiavelli, The Prince, trans.W. K. Marriott (Project Gutenberg eBook, 2006), (accessed November 21, 2009).


What follows is a bibliographic list, in proper alphabetical order by author, of, respectively, a published pamphlet, published book on a meeting, a book with two authors, an on-line textbook, and two books with a single author.

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