Advanced Physics 

Course Description

The purpose of this course is to provide you with the tools needed to understand aspects of behavior of the physical world.   This semester we will look at mechanics.  Those of you taking the second semester will also experience wave mechanics, the study of optics, electricity and magnetism.  The course will be organized so as to allow current topics to draw on concepts acquired in previous topics. This will allow you to see the study of physics as a unified approach to explaining and predicting the behavior of your world, rather that as a collection of unrelated topics.


Advanced Physics is a hands-on, inquiry-based course, with heavy emphasis on lab and project work.  Applications of the lab and homework problems will be incorporated into the various projects assigned through out the semester.  


Physics has played a crucial role in forming both western and eastern thought.  We will study the connections between physics and art, poetry, history, politics and economics.

Student Assessment


Assessment in Advanced Physics will consist of written exams, laboratory reports (both group and individual) homework, and oral presentations.


Grade categories will be weighted as follows:

30%     Projects/ Lab work

10%     Quizzes

30%     Unit Exams

10%     Class Participation(working at board, keeping a problem journal, completion of all assignments)

20%     Multiple Choice Final


Grading Scale of 100-90 A, 89-80 B, 79-70 C


The absence and tardy policy in the student handbook will be adhered to.  Ten minutes tardy denotes an unexcused absence. 


Students will demonstrate the ability to apply the concepts they have discovered in lab to solve real-world problems.


Students will demonstrate the ability to connect current topics with topics previously learned in this and other courses.


Students will be able to inquire into questions about engineering and physics that interest them and present topics to their peers.