Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
High School Mathematics Contest in Modeling (HiMCM)
Run by COMAP, HiMCM is an international contest in which teams of four complete to solve real-world problems by developing mathematical models. Students must make use of their knowledge of mathematics, science, and computer science to create effective models.

IMSA Receives Highest Ranking in World Mathematics Contest

June 1, 2011

One team from the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy received the highest ranking possible in the 13th annual international High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling. The IMSA team of Aditya Karan, Nilesh Kavthekar, Abhinav Reddy and Nishith Reddy all of Naperville received the rank of "National Outstanding".

Only seven teams out of 295 that competed worldwide received this ranking. In addition, three more IMSA teams received the rank of "Regional Outstanding". Students on these teams included Samuel Creden of Chicago, Henry Deng of DeKalb, Nicholas Fung of Mundelein, Matt Gietl of Batavia, Derek Hardin of Morton Grove, Ethan Jacobs of Libertyville, Emil Khabiboulline of Geneva, Pujan Patel of Bloomingdale, Areen Pitaktong of Normal, Navdeep Singh of Hoffman Estates, Andrew Wentzel of Chicago, and Matt Yang of Hanover Park.

Although international studies generally place the United States in the middle of the pack compared to other countries, IMSA President Dr. Max McGee noted that IMSA's students have proven to be among the best in the world in international competitions.

"For the sixth consecutive year, IMSA's math teams have received the highest ranking possible in this international event showcasing how mathematics can be used to solve some of the world's most challenging scientific, economic and social problems," McGee said. "IMSA students and coaches, both past and present, are to be commended for this amazing achievement."

The High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling is a 36-hour contest where each team is expected to solve a mathematical modeling problem. Each team then prepares and submits a paper discussing their solution to the problem.

IMSA’s "National Outstanding" team had to analyze crime-related data in a city and develop a mathematical model to reduce violence. Students had to examine data including homicides, assaults, census data, unemployment rates, parole violations, drop out rates, graduation rates and incidents of violence. Students then had to prepare a news release for the mayor, outlining the proposals that recommend a campaign strategy to curb the violence.

Outstanding teams will have their solution papers (or their solution abstracts) published in COMAP’s Consortium newsletter among other places. More information on the contest can be found here.