IMSA parents, this describes how you can login to IMSA’s online student-registration system where you can then access and complete the registration forms.

Step 1: Login to PowerSchool

Visit and log in to your parent/guardian account.

login screen

If you don’t yet have a parent account, see the directions for obtaining a parent account for PowerSchool.

You can only use the online-registration system for students associated with your PowerSchool parent/guardian account. If necessary, see the directions for adding a student to an existing PowerSchool parent account.

Step 2: Open the Applications pane

Once logged into PowerSchool, click the “Applications” icon near the top right (see image below).

application link

In the Applications pane that slid out, click the Parents app link.

parent app link

A new browser window (or tab) should appear already logged in to the site. (It is no longer possible for parents to login to that site directly.)

Step 4: Visit the registration page

In the parent app page, click the Register your student link to visit the main page for online student registration.

registration link

Note: The registration page will have a separate section for each student associated with your PowerSchool parent account.