No verification email received

If you don’t receive the email verification message after creating your account, please check your spam folder. Also check any other folders where your incoming email might be sorted. If you do not receive that email message then you either mistyped your email address when you created your account, or your email client rejected the message for some reason (like you’ve run out of space), or it stored the message in some place other than your default Inbox.

You must create the account only once

If you click the Enter button twice on the Create Parent Account you may get a message about your email address already being used for a parent account. That can happen if your account was created by the first click and then the system tries to create it again. If you get that message please try logging in with the username and password you just requested; it might just work in spite of that error message.

You need only one account even if you have multiple students at IMSA. You can add those students to your account when you create it or later on after logging in to your account.

Some account usernames are not allowed

PowerSchool only allows certain characters in usernames: letters (upper and lower case), numbers, “.”, “-“, “_”, “@”, and “ “ (space) are all known to work. If you have any trouble creating an account please choose a username that uses only those characters.

Also, upper vs lower case does not matter for new usernames, but does matter for passwords. If you create an account with the username “PatExample” and password “MySecret” you can later login as user “patexample” but “mysecret” will not work as the password; you’ll have to enter it as “MySecret” exactly.

Password fields must be re-entered

If you get an error message when creating an account, besides making any changes to address the reported problem you must also enter the passwords again because they go back to empty values. That includes the desired password for your new account (twice) and the Account Password for each student.

New parent usernames cannot be the same as any existing parent username

PowerSchool will not allow you to create a new username that is the same as any old username, yours or anyone else’s.