If you are an IMSA parent/guardian with a student already enrolled at IMSA, you can add another student (a sibling, perhaps) to your existing guardian account. You do not need to create a new guardian account for each student. This way you can login once and see information for all your students from that same account.

To add the student you will need the Access ID and Access Password information for the student that was sent in the IMSA invitation letter. You can obtain that information later by contacting the IMSA Principal’s Office at 630-907-5053.

Adding a student to a PowerSchool guardian account

  1. Login to the existing PowerSchool guardian account at https://sis.imsa.edu/.

  2. In the PowerSchool home page, click the Account Preferences link on the left.

  3. In the Account Preferences page that comes up, click the Students tab, then click the Add button.

  4. Complete the Add Student form that pops up. Student Name can be any value. Access ID and Access Password are the credentials mailed out for the invited student (the same ones used to create a new guardian account). Relationship should be set as appropriate. Click Submit.

The result is that the student name is added to the banner at the top of the PowerSchool home page, alongside any student names already there. You can click on a name to see the information about that student.

You only need to do the above steps once per student.

Multiple guardians can add the same student to their respective PowerSchool guardian accounts. They will each need the (same) Access ID and Access Password credentials for that student.

Once you have added the student you no longer need to use the Access ID and Access Password information. Those are used only one time to connect the student to your account. From then on you will login to PowerSchool using the username and password that you chose when you created your guardian account (or the password that chose when you later changed your account password).