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Midwest Archives Conference Newsletter
By Rebecca Brady and Danielle DuCharme
Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

     In this day and age, there is a perception that acts of student initiative are rare occurrences and even rarer in the world of archives. In our residential high school, the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA), we are given the opportunity to expand upon our interests and take the initiative to be leaders. We have taken this opportunity and formed our own organization, the Residential Archives Club (RAC).

     This club, founded in 1996, serves as a chance for students to contribute pictures, flyers, videos and any other archival ,materials representing the residential aspect of our unique high school environment. These materials will be used for class reunions, school videos, or other projects. There are seven halls at IMSA, each with four wings, every wing containing 24 students. Students can join the RAC as respective wing representatives.

     In our first year, thirty students signed up to join the RAC, but only six members contributed materials. Now in our second year, the RAC has expanded greatly. Not only do we have more wings participating, but more students per wing donating to the Archives. In addition to wing representation, RAC has archives boxes from each of the halls collectively.

     Because of our initiative to lead an interest in archives, we will now have records of the residential side of our school. As of two years ago the IMSA Archives Organization mostly contained records of the programs and finances of the Academy. Students make IMSA what it truly is and that is why we feel our club is important in the balance of the archives of our school.

[Dani and Becca are members of the Class of 1998].


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