(A teenage boy's room, dimly lit. It is late at right. Our hero, Mortimer, sits in
pajamas, hammering away at his TRS- 80.)

Narrator: Welcome to Palo Alto, California, 1988. This is Mortimer. Mortimer Jones.

Mortimer: (nasal) Hi. (sweeping wave)

Narrator: (looks disgusted) Mortimer is a computer geek. A social reject. You know) the type who has a pocket protector for every day of the week? Mortimer wants to be a computer programmer if be grows up.

Mort: (Mort plays for a while) Wow! This new version of "The Liberals from Space" is better than ever !

Mommy: Mortimer! It's beddy time!

Narrator: Ah, nine o'clock. (looks at watch, then starts leafing through some of Mort's books.)

Mortimer: Aw, mommy! I'm sixteen and I should get to pick my own beddy-time!

Mom: (entering) (slight stern touch) Morty, get in bed... I'll tuck you in.

Mortimer: Aw, all right. (shuts off computer, leaps in bed) Mommy, can you tell me a story?

Mom: Sorry, cinnamon bear, but I still have to leave for my plane to Illinois. Cousin Mitch's school closed down last January and I have to go to Aurora to help him relocate.

Mortimer: Gee! Well, have fun, Mom!

Mom: Now Mortimer, I couldn't leave you alone, so Uncle Herff is staying here for a couple of days while I'm gone.

Mortimer: Goody!

(Mommy tucks in Mortimer, kisses him on the forehead, and exits.)
(Mortimer, watching Mommy exit carefully, flies out of bed, lands in his chair, flips on computer. Narrator watches Mort intently.)

Mortimer: (typing) I think I'll put the military back on Defcon... (randomizing) 5 for now... (click) and play an adventure game! (Closes eyes and pulls out disk) Let's see... "The Last Hours of the Titans"... sounds good! (Puts in disk and turns on computer, starts typing)

Narrator: (stepping forward) Now it should be pretty obvious by now that Mortimer's dad isn't around because he's meeting somewhere in Tibet! Yes, California Jones has been missing for ten years now, and he is presumed dead. But he was once the best and wildest archaeologist in the business, and no one really knows anything about his disappearance. Of course, that will change, or this wouldn't make a very good play, now, would it?? Now let's see how Mortimer is doing on that adventure game.

Mortimer: Boy, This is strange. (Reading) " You are in an ancient dorm labeled 1502. Before you is a door painted a sickening shade of purple-lavender. The door is labeled C1. On the floor is a small Blue Card. What do you do now?" (Thinks to himself, then types):Pick up card... Wave card. (Reading) Notbing happens." (Types) Beat door. (Reads) "Nothing happens." (Yells) I know! (Types) Pull door. (Reads) "The door opens easily, as usual" (Coos yet again) Coool!

The Hackers Blues: (Mortimer)

With my modem and computer


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