10th Anniversary Celebratory Composition

     The celebration of the Tenth Anniversary of IMSA was a year-long event, honoring the hard work and dedication of the many people who played an important part in the establishment of IMSA. IMSA founders Dr. Leon Lederman and Former Governor James R. Thompson were honored, charter staff were recognized, and past students were invited to IMSA's homecoming as a reunion of sorts. There was also a celebration of music held at the Paramount Arts Center, and it featured several of the musical ensembles of IMSA. For the celebration, Dr. Christopher Fanelli Kuhl was asked by Dr. Marshall to compose a piece for the occasion, and this was the beginning of Dr. Kuhl's Theme and Variation.

     Originally, Dr. Kuhl had intended to write a piece of music for a string ensemble, but as she began to compose the piece, she realized the rhythms might be too difficult for such an ensemble. Instead, she wrote the piece for viola with piano accompaniment. The finished piece was premiered on Saturday, March 8, 1997, at the Community Concert Celebration at the Paramount Arts Center, by Jacob Trevick, viola, and Drew Massey, Piano.

     Below is an image of the last page of the piece.

[Theme and Variation]
[Dr. Christopher Fanelli Kuhl]
[Premiered 8 Mar 1997]

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