The Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy is a learning enterprise that builds the capacity of students, teachers and policymakers to improve and transform mathematics and science teaching and learning. IMSA's residential educational program serves Illinois students (grades 10-12) talented in mathematics and science; its professional development Centers (mathematics and science, problem-based learning) serve schools, educational systems, teachers and students in Illinois and beyond. The Academy's academic building includes state-of-the-art science, mathematics, computing, instructional technology and video production laboratories, an inventors' workshop and a telecommunications classroom.

     The James R. Thompson Leadership Lecture Series was established in 1990 following a gift to the IMSA Fund for Advancement of Education. The donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, chose to honor Mr. Thompson for his service as governor of Illinois (1977-1991) and his leadership in establishing the Academy. As governor, Mr. Thompson established task forces, evaluated recommendations, proposed legislation and successfully urged passage of the Education Reform Act of 1985 which included creation of the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy.

     Mr. Thompson, an honorary member of IMSA's charter class, serves as chairman of the IMSA Fund board of directors.

October 2, 1991 October 28, 1992
Inaugural: Dr. Carl Sagan
"Comets and the Origin of Life"
Dr. Edward Teller
"Science from a Political and Historical Point of View"
December 2, 1993 October 18, 1994
Maya Angelou
"An Afternoon with Maya Angelou"
[picture] [program]
Sally K. Ride, Ph.D
"The U.S. Space Program: Pioneering the Future"
October 16, 1995 1996
James A. Lovell
"A Successful Failure"
The 10th Anniversary Celebration
November 21, 1997
James Burke
"Do Lemons Whistle?"

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