The Museum as Aesthetic Experience

"Closed Mondays" #1 - "Closed Mondays" #2

In my approach to the photography of museums of distinction I have attempted to capture the elusive beauty of the moment, experienced within those rarified aesthetic environments expertly conceived of and actualized by the leading architects of our time. To look neither at art nor building as object, but as experience, has been the directive inspired by the profound significance of the architectural legacy encoded in the design of the great museums of this century.


Extracted from the context of the museum, imagery of space, light, and form, aspire to become symbols of the unique architectural signature of each museum's respective architect...symbols that hopefully provide us with a greater appreciation of the aesthetic accomplishments of our century, and renew in us a passionate commitment to the protection, preservation and nurturance of the creative spirit of humanity.


Pictured: Sackler Museum, Harvard University

Architect: James Stirling

Photographs by E. Gill Lui

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