IMSA - Summer 2000

Well, here they are folks! All 10 rolls taken this summer!

The only editing done to any of these pictures was croping and color and lighting enhancement to make them look the way they do in the actual photograph.

Irene Norton (In the ITL/TVPL) and I made a poster with ~60 photos taken this summer. It will be hanging on the wall in the Old Caf for the first week of school so people can look at it on move in day and throughout the week. Then it will move to the ITL/TVPL wall where it will remain forever! :)

All the rest of the pictures have been put into an Album and will be stored in the Archives in the IRC. The letter on each roll corresponds to pages of negatives in the back of the album.


| Roll A | Roll B | Roll C | Roll D | Roll E | Roll F | Roll G | Roll H | Roll I | Roll J |

Camera, film, and development courtesy of the ITL/TVPL. Photos taken, scanned, and page created by Wendy Gable. Please contact her for any questions or comments you have.