Through the State of Illinois Art-in-Architecture's "Illinois % For Art" program, one-half of one percent of capital appropriations are designated to decorate state facilities with the work of Illinois artists
[Art Collection Program]
[By Bruce White]
[Stainless steel and bronze sculpture]
[By Entrance Drive, East Side]
[Illinois % for Art Program]
[By Scott Wallace]
[Blue Metal Sculpture]
[In Circle Drive, East Side]
[Donated July 15, 1986 from Garbe Iron Works]
[Camel's Gate]
[By Mike Baur]
[Outside front entrance]
[Illinois % for Art Program]
[Art as a Three Ring Circus]
[By Terrence Karpowicz]
[Center of open area by Attendancee and CAC]
[Illinois % for Art Program]
[By Sandra McMorris]
[Hand-Dyed Satin]
[East wall by Horwitz meeting room]
[Illinois % for Art Program]
[By Frank Gunter]
[Acrylic on Canvas]
[Admin/Principal hall way]
[Illinois % for Art Program]
[Date: 1985]
[Broderick's Garden #2]
[By Carry Bernstein]
[Oil on Canvas]
[Admin/Principal hall way]
[Illinois % for Art Program]
[Date: 1985-1988]
[Crossing #1]
[By Edward McCullough]
[Cor-Ten Steel]
[Entrance North Hall Way]
[Illinois % for Art Program]
[Date: 1983]


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