The First Legislation
Senate Bill 370

Topic #8

Math/Science Academy
Bill #: SB 730

Summary of Selected Portions

To foster excellence in mathematics and science education in Illinois, an Illinois Math and Science Academy will be created. It will be a residential institution located in the Fox River Valley. Admission will be determined by competitive examination. The primary role of the Academy is to offer a challenging education for students talented in the areas of math and science, with instruction provided at both high school and college levels. The Academy will also have the responsibility for stimulating excellence in mathematics and science in all Illinois schools through curriculum development and revision, preservice and inservice training programs, teaching exchange opportunities, and providing speakers, materials and other services to local school districts and institutions of higher education.

Contact During Initial Planning Stage: Lyndon Wharton, Department of Regional Services, 100 North First Street, Springfield, IL 62777 217/782-2826

Source and Amount of Funds: $500,000 for planning and development


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